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An Artist's Studio: A Peek Inside

Jul 26, 2021 04:25PM ● By Julia Lawing
Have you ever visited a working artist's studio? It's a bit like visiting someone's home; the organization, content, style are all subject to the owner's personality and preferences. 

I moved into my studio after experimenting with several makeshift spaces in my home. As my passion, skills and supplies grew, I migrated from the garage (less than ideal!), to our finished basement, home office, finally to my own dedicated art-making space--truly a game changer!

"[Your studio] is the home turf of your creative space; it remains undisturbed by the rest of the day's energies. It stays open for your arrival. When you walk in you're filled with a heightened readiness to begin. A dining room table that must be cleared off for the evening meal requires more energy from you each time you begin. But a studio collects energy and focuses it, ready for your return....It is your temple, the place where you focus your energies to express yourself. Your creative home base."-- Ian Roberts, Creative Authenticity

While I am beyond grateful for my current space, my dream studio will have large windows and a screen door open to the breeze, in a beautiful natural setting (preferably by a body of water!). 

My studio is located in Concord, NC (near Charlotte), but as evidenced by my work, my ties to coastal Georgia are strong. Please reach out if you're interested in hosting a show or commissioning a piece. To inquire, view art or shop online, please click here.